Watch This Sneaky Black Panther Stalk His Unsuspecting Owner

Rule No. 1: Never turn your back on a panther.

Most of us would helplessly cringe in fear if we knew a powerful black panther was slinking behind us, preparing to indulge in an afternoon snack. But that’s not the case for trainer Eduardo Serio.

Released by the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico, a riveting video has been circulating the web of Serio with his back to the sneaky jungle cat, Kal-El (Superman’s birth name), as it begins to slowly slink its way behind the unsuspecting Mexican trainer. Looks like he’s a goner, right?

Thanks to cat-like reflexes of his own, Eduardo quickly jumps out of the way, because protective glass apparently isn’t a thing in Mexico. He then chuckles, and nuzzles and kisses the panther like it’s one of his own children. 

As it turns out, Kal-El is just one of hundreds of big cats living in the 30-acre plot of land that also houses free-roaming lions, tigers, lynxes, and other furry predators with paws the size of a small child.

Let’s hope it at least pays well.

h/t Daily Mail