Watch Bruce Lee Kick a Kung Fu Master’s Butt in the First Official ‘Birth of the Dragon’ Trailer

The latest flick about the martial arts legend depicts the fight that made him an icon.

In the early 1960s Bruce Lee was a little-known martial arts teacher and actor in San Francisco. His star was rising, though, and some in China who were aware of his work had problems with him instructing white students. So one such critic, Kung Fu master Wong Jack Man, came to America to challenge Lee. 

From the conflict between Man and Lee—which depending on who tells the story was either Matrix-level epic or kind of pitiful, Lee thoroughly whipping Man’s ass—comes the story for the latest Lee-inspired movie, Birth of the Dragon

Birth of the Dragon poster
BH Tilt & WWE Studios

Of course, it wouldn’t be a movie about Bruce Lee without a lot of impressive fights, and we get a taste of that in this preview, as well as the acting chops of Philip Ng, who at least in this trailer seems like a pretty convincing Lee.

Birth of the Dragon enters theaters with a flying back kick on August 25th.