Watch The Awesomely Creepy ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3 Trailer

Six new episodes of the Netflix sci-fi hit are coming to haunt your dreams.

Black Mirror is a dark science fiction anthology series originally created by English satirist and screenwriter Charlie Brooker for the U.K.’s Channel 4. Netflix picked up the series after its first run received critical acclaim and it will air six new episodes on the streaming service before 2016 is over.

As the trailer for the Netflix run indicates, Black Mirror has lost none of its unique blend of plausible, near-future dystopian terror and bleak satire. 

In these glimpses into Brooker’s vision of a possible future just around the corner it looks like we can expect new stories taking place in a creepily recognizable world that includes virtual reality, obsessive social media use, and inescapable surveillance.

If you watched the original series you know what to expect from Black Mirror, and how badly it will mess with your reality. If the show is new to you, the great thing about it is it’s an anthology series where each episode is a standalone story. 

Get ready to dive in and have your mind blown as soon as it’s available on Netflix on October 21.