Watch C.J. Wilson Try Not To Puke While Getting Quizzed In A Stunt Plane

The most important question is, will he pitch his lunch all over the cockpit?

The Angels hurler and two-time MLB All-Star most definitely knows how far the pitcher’s mound is from home plate, but the maniacs over at Red Bull wanted to challenge him anyway, and see if he was still so knowledgeable while pro-pilot Kirby Chambliss did all sorts of twirly-birds and flip-de-flops in the tiny G-force deathtrap that is his Edge 540 race plane. The pilot dropped five rudimentary baseball questions on the pitcher while he did his best to make him lose his lunch. Wilson finally relented before the last question, after a tight barrel roll nearly spun his puke right out of him. Take a look for yourself!

Keep your eye on the upcoming issues of Maxim to catch C.J. and his Brazilian supermodel wifemake an appearance.