WATCH: Dave Grohl Delivered a Powerful Eulogy at Lemmy’s Memorial

All hail Lemmy.

Rock legends congregated Saturday at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery to remember heavy-metal icon Lemmy Kilmister. The funeral was a somber affair, but this is Lemmy we’re talking about. The Motörhead frontman was as famous for his reckless, freewheeling lifestyle as he was for his gravelly vocals.

So, we weren’t surprised when Dave Grohl said his fondest memory of the departed rock-god was at a strip club.

In a powerful eulogy, Grohl recounted how he first met Lemmy, who inspired much of his work in Nirvana and Foo Fighters. “The first time I met Lemmy, I was at fucking Crazy Girls about 20 years ago. And I was walking back to the men’s room, and on my way back I looked to my left, and I saw Lemmy by himself in the corner on a video game, and it blew my mind.”

Below, watch Grohl describe how his music idol also became a dear friend:

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The stream cut out right when Grohl shared the first words Lemmy ever said to him after working up the courage to approach him. However, Rolling Stone reported Lemmy told him, “Sorry about your friend Kurt [Cobain].”

While Grohl did play up those chain-smoking, hard-living mythos, he also revealed a lot about the man behind the legend. “I think what everybody has always known or at least learned today is that Lemmy was not only that kind of… whiskey-drinking rock and roll star, but he had the biggest heart and set such a great example because he was so kind to everyone.”

The rest of the ceremony was equally touching, with legends like Mikkey Dee, Rob Halford, and Lars Ulrich also delivering powerful eulogies. Below, watch the memorial in its entirety:

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h/t Rolling Stone