WATCH: Some Cable News Anchors Had Too Much Fun on New Year’s Eve

Don Lemon had a lot of bubbly.

God bless live, unscripted television. There’s nothing quite like watching usually rehearsed newsmen cope with spontaneous events in real time. Add some New Year’s bacchanalia into the mix, and you’ve got comedy gold.

For last night’s celebration in Times Square, we got to see what happens when straight-laced anchors like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper let loose. Anderson Cooper was ill at ease alongside comedian Kathy Griffin, who was pretty much herself throughout the night before stripping down to lingerie in front of cameras.

Don Lemon, keen to accrue some cool points, threw back glasses of bubbly, quoted a popular Vine, and basically fumbled his way through the rest of the night. Twitter was quick to react when he complimented Kathy Griffin’s rack and promptly got cut off by Brooke Baldwin. 

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Our bet is that these guys are currently in bed nursing hangovers rather than in the newsroom.

Below, watch some more of their antics:

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