Watch an Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Clip From “All Is Lost”

Robert Redford is on a boat!

Critics have gone crazy for All is Lost, the powerful new movie about a man who becomes stranded on his sailboat (and later, a life raft) in the middle of the Indian Ocean following a series of unfortunate events. Though it has only one character (“Our Man,” played by Robert Redford in one of the most compelling performances of his career) and virtually no dialogue, the audience is thoroughly captivated by every horrendous mishap, every tragic incident, and every spark of ingenuity displayed by the Man, even as his survival becomes less and less likely.

In this exclusive clip from the DVD special features, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the Hollywood magic that went into creating this visual masterpiece. Though if someone can tell us the details of what kind of magic allowed Robert Redford to do a high-intensity movie like this at the age of 77, we’d be super interested in hearing about that, too. And we will totally buy some.

All is Lost is out on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, February 11. 

Photos by Daniel Daza