Watch the First Trailer for the Next Season of “True Detective”

The moody anthology series is heading back to TV (okay, the HBO GO accounts we’re pirating from our friends) on June 21st.

Do you remember when HBO GO crashed during the “True Detective” Season One finale and we all had a collective meltdown? Well, that’s neither here nor there, but I still wasn’t totally over the trauma—until now, when my “True Detective” thirst has been sated by the first trailer for the second season. In the one minute teaser, we get to see: Rachel McAdams storming a house with a gun in hand, Taylor Kitsch brooding, Colin Farrell mustachioed and brooding (side note: I’d pay $100 to hear Tim Riggins say “time is a flat circle”), Vince Vaughn brooding, Vince Vaughn next to some fancy blueprints, Taylor Kitsch punching, Vince Vaughn pushing a guy, Colin Farrell brooding some more, then – a shot of a man in a balaclava staring at us with a finger at his lips.

Who is this man? Why does he want us to be so quiet?

It’ll take a…true detective to find out.