WATCH: FKA Twigs Transforms Into Inflatable Love Doll in New Video

It’s kind of like a fever dream, only with a sex doll.

FKA Twigs serves up some signature weirdness in her self-directed, 16-minute video for her  new M3LL155X EP posted online on Thursday. You can watch it here:

In the freakily compelling clip featuring songs “Figure 8”, “I’m Your Doll”, “In Time” and “Glass & Patron”, our favorite alt-R&B chanteuse transforms into an inflatable love doll, then promptly gets bitten and deflated by some random dude who crawls into her bed.

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Later, Twigs shows off a hugely pregnant belly while wearing white silk pajamas and gives birth to reams of multicolored gauze (think like a clown’s endless handkerchief gag, only straight outta the babymaker).

And that’s all before the “Two Weeks” songstress engages in a fierce walk-off with a bunch of acrobatic male models on catwalk in an enchanted forest.

Somewhere, a suddenly insecure Robert Pattinson is probably practicing some new dance moves.