Watch Hannibal Buress Eviscerate a Heckler in Three Minutes Flat

Revenge is a dish best served with a big, wise smile and a hearty belly laugh.

Unlike almost any other famous comedian, Broad City’sHannibal Burress is known for being an utterly affable guy—really. No bitterness, no bluster, no misanthropy. In fact, Hannibal is so easy-going, he’s able to maintain a big, crinkle-eyed smile even while eviscerating a heckler. Only Hannibal Buress can exude an unrelenting sense of good cheer while calling a drunk heckler a “shitty, obnoxious person” and a “social terrorist.” Only Hannibal Buress can grin endearingly while chastising his antagonist as a “goofy white dude in a shitty tee shirt” who smells weird. Only Hannibal Buress can deliver searing insults while incorporating a graceful lash of self-deprecation: “Sir, you have a bigger need for an attention that I do.” Hannibal, you are an artist; Nameless Drunk Buffoon, go home, and stop attending shows we might actually go to.  

Photos by Comedy Central / Photo Credit: Tasos Katopodis