WATCH: The Hilarious First Trailer for Zoolander 2

Spoiler: Justin Bieber dies.

I have to watch a lot — a lot — of trailers for this job. I’m not complaining, but I do have a bit of trailer fatigue, so it means a lot if a trailer gets me to laugh so hard I think I’m going to piss my pants before I’ve even had my first cup of coffee. The first full-length trailer for Zoolander 2 did just that.

Fourteen years after the events of the first film, Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) have fallen from grace: they’re considered old, washed up, and are generally mocked by the entire fashion world. But then — gotta love this ridiculous plot — an Interpol agent (Penelope Cruz) recruits them to help catch a serial killer who’s on the loose and only killing beautiful people. (R.I.P. Bieber.) And Mugatu (Will Ferrell) is out of prison! Watch the whole glorious thing below: