WATCH: The Houston Texans and Washington Redskins Have a Massive Brawl

We assume they won’t move on to practicing trust falls later.

One squad came from the south, heavily armored and ready for battle. The other advanced from their home in the seat of the nation’s power. You won’t believe what happened next.

Not a pivotal Civil War battle, no—just this epic team brawl between the Texans and Redskins at a joint practice in Richmond, Virginia.

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ESPN reports the teams had skirmished off and on for hours before the big Rumble in Richmond captured in the video above. After that, everyone went their separate ways.

As far as the Redskins are concerned, the Texans started it. Defensive lineman Chris Baker told ESPN the Houston team was “trying to be tough guys today, but it didn’t work.”

Players on both teams indicated the big blow-out was the natural result of aggressive, even dirty play in the three days leading up to the event. Texans coach Bill O’Brien probably summed it up best when he told reporters “It’s too bad, but that’s just what happens with two competitive teams.”

Teams that—unfortunately for fans who enjoy enjoy a little unnecessary roughness now and then—will not meet during the regular season.

Photos by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images