Watch an Insane Truck Completely Decimate the Highways of Grand Theft Auto

Don’t try this at home — or anywhere else, for that matter.

People can do some absolutely crazy things within the confines of Grand Theft Auto, but this might well be one of the funniest (and most chaotic) changes we’ve ever seen in the world of GTA mods.

YouTuber BlackSmoke Billy decided to find out what happens when you add a custom-made “ramp” — really just a storage container at an angle — to a truck so that  cars fly up and over as the vehicle careens down the highway. He also implemented a handling mod to give the cars some extra lift as they fly through the air.

The result is incredible and hilarious, but it’s nothing compared to the second half of the video in which BlackSmoke Billy adds an even larger structure to the front of the truck and mows through the streets of GTAV like some kind of comical bulldozer, sending cars and people in the way flying. It’s the best kind of ridiculous, and a testament to how amazing mods can truly make a game great, even months after a release.