WATCH: The Intense First Trailer for Hitman’s Latest Installment Is Here

Agent 47 is back — deadly.

Everyone’s favorite bald-headed killer is coming back for another adventure in just 9 days. Hitman’s next installment comes out on March 11th — and from playing the intro to the game in the closed beta, I can personally say it’s a blast. For anyone who played and loved the open-endedness of missions in Hitman: Blood Money, this new entry is a worthy successor…if you’re not still playing Far Cry Primal, of course.

Instead of launching the game in its entirety, Io Interactive is breaking the release into episodes that it will premiere throughout the year. You can either pay $60 once for the whole year of content or buy the first episode for $15. If you choose the latter route, each subsequent episode will be $10.

Io-Interactive is planning to have the story unfold over several seasons, which could either be a good or a bad thing. On one hand, Hitman will likely have a much larger story by the end of the final season; on the other, it just might take the fun out of it to have to wait multiple years to actually finish the game.

You’ll get a chance to see more of Hitman and decide which package is right for you on March 11, 2016.