WATCH: Every Punch Jason Statham Has Ever Thrown On-Screen

This man has made a career of talking with his fist.

Jason Statham has made a name for himself by beating a lot of people up, and we mean a lotttttt. The English actor has demonstrated his martial arts skills in almost film throughout his career (give or take a few), and each bone-breaking, blood-spewing moment has been just as pleasurable to watch as they probably were for him to perform.

You’ve probably wondered just how many times Statham’s fist has collided with another person’s face, but wonder no more: a new supercut captures every epic hit of his cinematic career, ranging from rapid-fire to down right ridiculous. Thanks to the chronological order, we can watch this stuntman’s kickass career evolve before our very eyes (from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels all the way toFurious 7 and bask in the glory that is Jason Statham. 

Photos by Lionsgate