Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer Accidentally Kiss on the Red Carpet

Move over, Peeta…

The odds were clearly in our favor at last night’s London Premiere of The Hunger Games.

In a divine twist of fate, star Jennifer Lawrence unintentionally laid a kiss on beautiful co-star Natalie Dormer. While Dorer was rounding off some generic questions from the press, Jennifer decided to do as the Londoners do and give her British co-star a fashionable peck on the cheek.

What instead went down may have roused a few uprisings of a different nature…

Dorner happened to turn her head at the wrong moment (nay, the right moment), and the two were locked in a millisecond-long accidental kiss. “Oh my god! Sorry!” Lawrence yelled. “We just kissed on camera. And I liked it.”

The kiss was far too brief, but luckily the ever-present cameras of the red carpet caught everything. This moment will definitely go down in the annals of our favorite Jennifer Lawrence hijinks.

We hope to see more of this twosome on November 20th, the US premiere of the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2.