Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Pharrell Take Selfies With Strangers

The TV host and “Happy” singer face-off (literally) in a “Twofie Shootout.”

Jimmy Kimmel challenged Pharrell Williams to a “Twofie contest” on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The rules were simple, sort of: Each player had 30 seconds to take as many twofies (a selfie with two people) as possible on Hollywood Boulevard. And there had to be four eyes and two noses visible for it to count. Kimmel frantically went first, pissing off a few people, and racking up a lot of photos, 10 legit ones to be exact. Williams’ turn was a lot smoother and attracted some fans to take selfies with their phones, racking up six legit ones (though, we only count five). Ultimately, Williams lost the twofie contest – and subsequently, his signature hat – but it’s pretty easy to see who won the popularity contest here. Hey-oh! Watch all the action below.