Watch This Weirdly Riveting Video of Joe Buck Hyping Totally Forgotten Fox Shows

Do you remember ANY of these?

For the last 21 years, hyping new Fox shows has been been Joe Buck‘s singular duty while calling a variety of ball games. The network has a high turnover for dramas and sitcoms alike, some shows lasting just an episode, and Buck has promoted them all with the exact same level of energy.

Fox’s track record with disposable TV shows makes the video above, put together by Youtuber Matthew Callan, kind of eerie. After a while it’s easy to begin wondering if you’re watching a spoof.

Fact is, Callan isn’t the only person who’s ripped on Fox for churning out so much forgettable TV alongside it’s acknowledged classics like 24 and X-Files. The network’s own Family Guy jerked that chain years ago in the video below.

If you were a huge fan of any of the shows mentioned in either video and still mourn their loss, we’re sorry if this hits a sensitive spot.

Except for K-Ville. Fuck that show. 

h/t Deadspin