Watch a Kayaker Take a World Record-Sized Plunge Off a Waterfall

This guy makes falling look awesome.


Cross Strokin’ 5 – Pushing The Limits from Chris “Cheeks” Loomis on Vimeo.

The latest winner of our “favorite world record that we didn’t know existed until 10 minutes ago” award (previous winners include “most rotations hanging from a power drill” and “most live rattlesnakes held in a mouth”) is most definitely the highest plunge off a waterfall taken by a kayaker. And – would you look at that – the 20-year record was just impressively broken by Canadian Jim Coffey, when he (intentionally!) went over the 60-foot-tall Cascada Truchas in Mexico. Flanked by his trusted safety guy (who has one of the most trustworthy beards imaginable) and a cameraman named “Cheeks,” Coffey takes paddling around in a tiny boat to heights it’s never been to before. PUN INTENDED.

The drop is immortalized in the (hopefully intentionally) hilariously named Cross Strokin’ video, above, and begins approximately 11 minutes in. Jim rolls up to the falls and slides painfully slowly over the lip. His form going over is questionable (“headfirst” wouldn’t be our preferred approach), but he emerges victorious and the holder of a record that lots (or at least some) people will possibly know about.