WATCH: The Wild New Trailer for Knight of Cups

Terrence Malick takes on Hollywood excess in his latest film.

Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups has its first U.S. trailer (which is almost identical to the previously released international trailer), but it’s gotten us intrigued all over again.

Once again, Malick has used sweeping visuals and a Take-Me-Seriously score to romanticize a pretty ordinary heteronormative challenge: Christian Bale plays Rick, a Hollywood screenwriter who can’t resist the temptations of infidelity and general excess that his line of work affords him. This makes him feel very sad and empty, of course, and he spends a lot of time wandering aimlessly in Los Angeles meditating on the kind of man he is vs. who he thought he was. Cate Blanchett plays the long-suffering wife, and Natalie Portman (once again!) plays his mistress (one of many, apparently). 

Knight of Cupswill get a U.S. premiere in March, over a year after it debuted in Berlin, to not-so-great reviews. But even though we know Malick is hypnotizing us with overblown nonsense, we’re submitting.