Watch Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy Get Handsy During Their Latest Interview

The stars of ‘The Boss’ reveal some pretty revealing facts thanks to Google Autocomplete.

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Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy are two of the best women in Hollywood. We know Bell from her time as Elsa in Disney’s smash hit Frozen, the wife to actor Dax Shepard, and the lover of all things sloth-related. McCarthy is an Oscar-nominated actress who takes no b*llshit, the former Molly to CBS’s Mike, and was recently seen vomiting on audience members in a very funny, SNL skit. The two are golden.

So when news of the two working together broke out, it’s was as if the clouds parted. Comedy is a hard thing to master outside of the cookie-cutter fart jokes of Judd Apatow’s filmography, but under the guidance of The Boss director Ben Falcone (who just happens to be Melissa’s husband) we can expect great things once the film drops this Friday, April 8th.

To prepare you for the occasion, the duo took part in a Wired ‘Google Autocomplete’ interview in which they responded to some of the internet’s most common questions. In short, breasts were touched, Paul McCartney came up, and Kristen Bell finally confirmed that no, she is not in a sorority, despite her girlish good looks.