WATCH: The Live Action ‘Attack on Titan’ Will Be Utterly Horrifying

There’s a new trailer out for the fantasy-action epic, already the scariest naked giant monster flick of all time.

Japan has put up with a lot over the years – Godzilla, that croaking ghost girl from The Grudge, and, most recently, Avril Lavigne’s woeful “Hello Kitty” music video. But even the resilient East Asian nation may be no match for whatever the hell is going on in this trailer.

In a new preview for the Japanese fantasy-action epic Attack on Titan, the perfectly agreeable folk of Japan are wantonly attacked by an army of naked, human-eating, and seemingly neuter giants. Watch as these bloodthirsty mammoths trudge through a post-apocalyptic Japan, gobbling up the heads of whoever stands in their way. And for those panicky about parenthood, there’s also a giant, screaming monster baby thrown into the mix.

Anyone familiar with the anime series, currently streaming on Netflix, knows it’s one of the more terrifying examples of the genre, in part because the giant creatures seem to enjoy hunting and devouring humans just for the fun of it, and because they have no genitals (although come to think of it, that could make it worse). 

Meanwhile, Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka, recently opened a theme park attraction based on the series, Attack on Titan The Real, which also looks pretty epic. 

Photos by YouTube