Watch Luke Skywalker Wreck Stormtroopers In This ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Killstreak

The Force sure isn’t with these poor schmucks. 

Star Wars Battlefront is an awesome upcoming title where you’ll go head to head with other players as characters ripped straight from every Star Wars fantasy you’ve ever had. Yes, even Luke Skywalker. What kind of fantasy Star Wars-fest would it be without the man himself?

YouTuber Westie has compiled a video of all the badass moves Luke Skywalker will be able to pull off as part of his character-specific killstreak below, which basically translates to “I have a lightsaber and your arguments are invalid.”

It’s a minute and a half of pure, unadulteratedStar Wars glee. And it can be yours when the game drops November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.