WATCH: The Making a Murderer Trailer Will Blow Your Mind

What happens when a man spends 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit?

Netflix has dropped the trailer for Making a Murderer, its stranger-than-fiction true crime docuseries that will give fans ofSerialandThe Jinx something new to obsesses about. 

Steven Avery, a seemingly harmless Wisconsin-based n’er-do-well, was convicted of sexual assault in 1985 and sentenced to prison despite weak evidence linking him to the crime. With the help of DNA evidence, he was exonerated 18 years later and returned to his previously simple life a grateful but determined man: Avery was in the process of bringing a $36 million lawsuit against the prosecutors who wrongfully convicted him when the unthinkable happened: A young woman went missing on the same day she was scheduled to meet with Avery at his auto body shop. She was later found to be murdered, and Avery was the prime suspect. He remains in jail despite maintaining his innocence, just as he did 30 years ago. Was he wrongfully accused again? Or did his time in prison turn him into a hardened killer?

Tune into Making a Murderer on December 18 to find out.