Watch the Master of NBA Impressions Nail Kobe Bryant

Viral superstar Brandon Armstrong might not be in the NBA, but he’s got a future in halftime shows.

In the past month, an undersized Euroball player known widely by his Twitter handle  @BdotAdot5, has risen from obscurity to ubiquity thanks to his 30 second impressions of the NBA’s biggest stars. His latest is Kobe Bryant and like one of the Mamba’s signature fadeaways, it’s a thing of beauty. All of Kobe’s moves are there, the shooting with four defenders in his face, the exaggerated first pump, the nasty jersey chew. All that’s missing is the egregious self importance.

@BdotAdot5 ’s given name is Brandon Armstrong. He’s a 25-year-old graduate of Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee, who most recently found himself getting paid to ball in Spain. In an interview with The Big Lead, Armstrong said he’s found his “niche with the videos” and plans to make more. On the way? He suggests Sean Marion and Paul Pierce and we’re holding out hope for JaVale McGee. No matter what he does in the future though,  it’s hard to imagine he’ll ever outdo his spot-on mimicry of 6’3” Tasmanian devil Russell Westbrook. That was his Citizen Kane.