Watch Michael B. Jordan Get Knocked Out While Shooting Creed

Talk about method acting. 

Michael B. Jordan is so outstanding in Creed that there’s now an Ivan Drago-sized push for the 28-year-old actor to get Oscar nomination. He should! And not just becuase his acting is so good. Jordan did some incredibily realistic boxing in Creed too. The reason the movie’s boxing looked so real? At times, it totally was.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Sylvester Stallone revealed some behind-the-scenes footage of Jordan literally getting knocked out during filming. It’s not pretty.

Michael B Jordon, “young creed and “getting KO’d for real! But he got up and did it again! That’s called guts!!

— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) December 9, 2015

Jordan has previously spoken about the incident, telling Bill Simmons that the fake punches looked too fake during filming and Stallone suggested that he man up and really take a real one on the chin.

That’s a slight surprise, considering what happened to Stallone in Rocky IV, when he decided that he too needed to take some real punches for the sake of realism. After letting Dolph Lundgren bludgeoning his body, the dude almost died.