Watch Miley Cyrus Debut Her New Single in Giant Fairy Wings

The husky-voiced singer took the stage in a midriff-baring, butterfly-like ensemble.

We unabashedly, unironically, and near-unconditionally love Miley Cyrus. For all the pearl-clutching over her skimpy outifts, social media campaigns, and avowed devotion to the doobie, Miley Cyrus is a beautiful, distinctly in-control young star with our favoritevoice in pop whose antics seem driven by personal irreverence and a sense of fun, not a desperate, cannabis-induced sex mania.

For those reasons, we were thrilled to hear Miley’s new single off her upcoming, unnamed album, which she debuted at Adult Swim’s Upfront party while wearing butterfly wings, a gold chain and white jeans. The song—“Tiger Dreams”—was produced in collaboration with the Flaming Lips and has a distinct, down-tempo, Lana Del Ray Melodrama vibe, which really suits Miley’s strong tenor. This is our daily highlight: Miley, in a rock-fairy get-up, stomping and singing a minor-key jam interspersed with obscenities. As a bonus, here’s footage of Miley performing a cover of Khia’s raunchy dance-floor call-out, “My Neck, My Back.” (Which rendition is grimier? Your call.) 

Photos by Tyrone Lebon