Watch This Model Eat Five Subway Footlongs In Under Ten Minutes and Try Not to Cry Tears of Joy and Wonderment

Sweet Nela Zisser has stolen our hearts once again.

Remember Nela Zisser? We personally couldn’t get her off our minds after she ate a two-pound burrito on camera in under two minutes. After that amazing gastronomical feat, the model and Miss Earth New Zealand 2013 is back for more. Here, Zisser takes on five Subway Footlongs (presumably $5 each, if the legendary song is true and fair) in under five minutes. And she gets ‘em all down. It’s truly incredible to watch. 

If you’re hankering for more, check out her YouTube page—she also ate a five-pound burrito, 50 mozzarella sticks, and 120 chicken nuggets on separate occasions before this.

Photos by Facebook/Nela Zisser