Here’s How You Can Watch Every ‘Star Wars’ Movie And Tons of Other Big Hollywood Hits For Free on PornHub

It's the next best thing to free porn!
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(Photo: Getty)

Good news, people! PornHub isn’t just for watching porn and rubbing one out anymore -- apparently, thanks to some kind-hearted individuals, you can watch full-length Hollywood movies on the porn site, including all of the Star Wars movies, Captain America: Civil War, Dr. Strange, Bad Santa 2 and a shitload of others. 

According to Gizmodo, some users have uploaded full-length, high quality legit movies on the site, but obviously, there’s a catch: you need to sit through ads for pornos and NSFW products, like "#1 Natural Trick to Add 2 Inches to Your Erection,” and Star Whores. But I guess it’s worth it...? Though might be tough to get through your whole The Force Awakens/Rogue One marathon without taking a masturbation break, right guys? 

Yep, you can actually watch 'The Force Awakens' and "Rogue One' on freakin' Pornhub now. 

Yep, you can actually watch 'The Force Awakens' and "Rogue One' on freakin' Pornhub now. 

And unlike other streaming sites like YouTube, the movies on PornHub don’t have sped up audio or aggressive crops for copyright reasons, which is awesome. 


And as of right now, Disney and other production companies haven't removed the movies yet, either because 1) they don’t care, or 2) they haven't noticed, thanks to creative titles like this:

*Definitely* not Casino Royale. 

*Definitely* not Casino Royale. 

If watching a full-length Hollywood movie with an occasional porn advertisement on PornHub sounds like something you’d be interested in, you should check out this amazing Reddit thread that lists all of the movies currently uploaded. Gizmodo has more here:

YouTube’s aggressive Content ID copyright protection system and its partnerships with deep-pocketed studios make it exceptionally difficult to upload highly sought-after movies to the site. Cropping a movie aggressively can trick the robots, but it also makes movies basically unwatchable—so the FullMoviesOnYouTube crowd tends to stick with more obscure releases.

Currently near the top of the subreddit, for example: early no-budget John Carpenter film Dark Star and Gandahar, which is better known as “the René Laloux movie that isn’t Fantastic Planet.” Oftentimes YouTube will flag and remove content the instant it’s uploaded. Pornhub, on the other hand, ironically seems to give very few fucks.

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The obvious question—“why is this on here?”—appears in the comments for the upload of The Force Awakens. My original plan was to upload movies I’ve downloaded to YouTube as an unlisted video so I could just share the links between friends and family,” writes Pornhub user Freeentertainment, “it didn’t work so I decided to upload a movie here just to see what would happen.” That user has since uploaded every single Star Wars movie. The Force Awakens alone has been viewed nearly 60,000 times on the site.