WATCH: Nicole Kidman Considers Going Topless In New Film

“The Family Fang” will be worth your watch.

Nicole Kidman is undeniably one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Although the cool blonde has made a name for herself through sheer talent, she’s still had to face a few nude scenes in her career — in Windrider, Billy Bathgate, and Eyes Wide Shut.

In her latest film, The Family Fang, Kidman tackles this anxiety she and many stars face. Playing a famous actress in the film, her character is shown looking hesitant about going topless for a scene. Although she’s clearly rattled beforehand in her trailer, the film then cuts to her proudly strutting her stuff for all to see on set.

But as we’ll see, a paltry nude scene can’t shake the indomitable Nicole.

Our interest in the film is certainly piqued. The Family Fang follows both Kidman and Jason Bateman, who play siblings that must return to their home after their also-famous parents go missing. From the looks of this clip, it looks like Kidman pulled out all the stops for this one.lm, which got some play at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, hits theaters May 6. See the the full trailer followed by the clip below (hat tip to Vulture):

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