Watch This Old Man Be Way Better at Skateboarding Than You

This white-headed boarder can still shred.

This video has been floating around for about a year, but obviously it has yet to get its due, because there are still some people who haven’t seen a SUPER-OLD GUY busting out INSANE SKATEBOARDING TRICKS. This badass dad (dadass?) is 56-year-old Neil Unger, or as he’s known in the circuit, “The Dude.” He’s not a professional, but he’s a bit of a legend around skateparks. Neil busts out a kickflip followed by couple technical tricks (including something that is apparently called a “sissy pop”) before riding his board directly into our hearts.

If you want to see more of Neil, you can check out this video he shot and edited. But be warned: Unlike his grasp of skateboarding, his grasp of technology is a lot more typical of a 55-year-old.