Watch Pacer Paul George Drain Three-Pointer from Miles Away

This is what being “cold as ice” looks like.

While he may have fallen out of contention in the MVP race behind LeBron and Durant (which is nothing to be ashamed of; those are precisely tuned robots programmed to play basketball better than people ever could), Paul George and the Pacers – who are locked in a battle for the East with Miami – still have plenty to play for. They faced off against the Pistons last night and George showed just how cool he can stay under pressure.

With a bit more than three minutes left in the games, the Pacers had a one point lead over the Pistons and the ball. Roy Hibbert missed a layup, but snagged his own rebound and fed it to George at mid-court. George started to restart the play, but then realized the shot clock had erroneously failed to reset and put up one of the coolest dead-shot triples in the history of the game. Down the stretch in a close game is not the ideal time to be taking prayers, but with his feet almost in the center circle, George made the bucket look completely routine.

Was this the craziest moment is Pistons-Pacers history? Well, no.

Photos by NBAE / Getty Images