WATCH: Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones Are ‘Naked and Afraid’ on SNL

The ‘Game of Thrones’ star showed off more than just his comedy chops.


Many saw this week’s Saturday Night Live as a mixed bag. Ryan McGee of Rolling Stone wrote, “There was a rusty, unfinished nature to many sketches that made me think that this show would have been markedly better with just another day to tweak, rehearse, and refine. There were lots of interesting concepts, but few solid start-to-finish sketches.”

Nonetheless, critics agreed that the host, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, gave it his all. In fact, Dinklage gave us several gems in the episode, the best of the bunch being a parody of the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid.

In the sketch, “Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition,” Dinklage was unafraid to strip down with SNL’s most boisterous personality Leslie Jones. There are some…err…noticeable differences between the two, which are played up to full comedic effect.

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Many also commended Dinklage for his no-holds-barred approach in “Mafia Meeting.” As tensions flare between a group of dining mobsters, their meeting is interrupted by a performance of “Space Pants” by a bizarre, experimental musician. Musical guest and ‘90s babe Gwen Stefani joined for good measure. Hey, baby!

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That one came out of left field. We’d kind of like Stefani and Dinklage to take that show on the road. Grammys surprise guests, maybe?