WATCH: Rocky and Apollo Talk Boxing Choreography in Exclusive Clip from From Rocky to Creed: The Legacy Continues

That one-two punch is harder than it looks.

We’ve been replaying the Rocky theme for quite some time now. Ever since the first Creed trailer dropped this summer, we’ve been counting the rounds until the time comes to see Michael B. Jordan crush it in the ring for the next installment to the legendary boxing series. The Fantastic Four actor plays Adonis, the son to Rocky’s enemy-turned-buddy Apollo Creed. Rocky decides to take Adonis under his wing to keep him out of trouble and turn him into the full-fledged fighter he once was (or because he might break a hip if he gets back into the ring.. it’s a coin toss). 

With so much boxing on the brain, it only makes sense that faithful fans tune in to “From Rocky to Creed: The Legacy Continues,” a new EPIX pre-Creed documentary sent to air Wednesday, November 18 at 8/7c. Viewers will get a chance to watch the Rocky saga evolve over the last 40 years, featuring footage and interviews with all the stars just in time before Creed’s release on November 25th.

Get your first exclusive look below at one of the clips from The Legacy Continues, with Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers discussing struggles in the ring and the importance of learning good choreography:

Photos by Warner Bros.