Watch Russell Crowe Torment Ryan Gosling in the Nice Guys Red Band Trailer

This is not the Ryan Gosling we’re used to seeing. 

In case you missed Ryan Gosling show off his slightly dorky comedic chops on Saturday Night Live this weekend, here’s a sneak preview of the star in the Nice Guys red band trailer. He plays a bumbling, can’t-catch-a-break private detective opposite Russell Crowe’s far more intimidating fixer.

Shane Black (Iron Man 3) returns to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang form with this 1970s detective comedy about an investigation into the death of a porn star that leads to a mob connection. Gosling and Crowe play the odd couple paired together on the case; Kim Basinger, Matt Bomer, and The Leftovers’  Margaret Qualley also star. Nice Guys is out May 20th, 2016.