WATCH: Side-by-Side Shots of the First and Last Times We Saw Every Dead Character on Game of Thrones

Here’s a morbid trip down memory lane. 

In Westeros, there are only two certainties in life — death and boning. In fact, the previous happens so often on Game of Thrones that it’s becoming the theme of various compilation videos, like this reel of every death in Season 5.

Vimeo user Fernando Andres took a more elegant approach in his video, which shows the first and final shot of every deceased character from Game of Thrones, side-by-side. The video is dark and full of terrors (read: spoilers), so only watch if you’re all caught up. But remember, as always: all men must die.

Valar Morghulis — First & Final Shots of Game of Thrones Characters from Fernando Andrés on Vimeo.

h/t Slate