Watch a Skier Drop Off A Cliff To Save His Avalanche-Trapped Brother

With a camera strapped to his head, for our enjoyment.

Did you have a good day? A little stressful? Did you get a lot done? Did you, by chance, happen to ski off a series of gnarly cliffs in order to save your brother who was caught in an avalanche? Well this skier did, and therefore, he is better than all of us.

Technically, this happened four months ago, but the video is making the rounds now, and it is a doozy. First, we take in a bit of beautiful (and insanely dangerous) back-country skiing. We know a thing or two (actually, five) about avalanches, and this is where they tend to get nasty. Our protagonist learns this when he stops short of a series of cliffs and gazes across the pass, only to see his brother, Edwin, being chased by a steaming freight train of snow. With a battle-cry of “YO, I’M DROPPING” (which is definitely what the made-for-TV movie about this incident will be called), he drops onto the violent series of cliffs and skids over to Edwin, who is almost completely buried by the snow.

Turns out that everyone survived the incident, but not without a knee injury and (we hope) a newfound sense of brotherly love and appreciation. We definitely cannot stress enough that you should not do stupid things. But if you must, you should most definitely do them with cameras on your head.