WATCH: ‘SNL’ Brought Us Two Hillarys, One Palin

Naturally, a dance session was in order.

Saturday Night Live is arguably at its best during the election cycle.

This season, Kate McKinnon killed it with her wide-eyed, skittish take on Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. It was just as spot-on as the one Amy Poehler gave us for the 2008 election, through hers had a bit more braggadocio. If it weren’t for Tina Fey’s scene-stealing Sarah Palin, it might have been Amy who nabbed the accolades.

But we’re not playing favorites.

We got to have it all last night. When it was announced veterans Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were co-hosting the annual Christmas episode of SNL, we knew we were in for something good. While the rest of the episode did not disappoint, its definite standout was a sketch that brought together both Kate and Amy’s takes on Hillary.

Amy’s Hillary appeared to Kate’s as a ghost of election cycles past to caution against becoming too cocky about winning. To really drive home the point, Tina Fey apparated as Sarah Palin to remind us of her fate. With newcomer Kate and these two legends on stage, the sketch played out like a timeline of SNL’s best political caricatures.

Below, watch this triumvirate of SNL comedy gold: