Watch This Stunt Pilot Pull A Maverick On An Unsuspecting Goose

Telling buddies that you’re a stunt pilot is just common courtesy.

In 1965, in America, under cover of darkness, a young man would sneak his parents’ new 7-liter Ford Galaxie out of the garage and impress friends and potential lovers with the car’s speed and thunderous exhaust. In 2015, in England, with full daylight, British youths do the deed with stunt planes. SebStratta, it appears, did not inform the friends and family he whisked into the skies that not only is he competent pilot, he’s a competent acrobatic pilot. Through a series of barrel rolls, flips and stalls (stalls!) the passengers vacillate between appreciative chuckles and white-knuckled terror. Our favorite part? A fez falling out of the plane’s storage compartment and onto a pleased passenger’s head.