Watch Terry Crews Kick Mike Tyson’s Butt on “Lip Sync Battle”

Tyson may have ruled the ring, but he was no match for Crews’ handle on smooth jams.

It’s week four of “Lip Sync Battle,” the show in which celebrities whose souls have been cursed by the Karaoke Witch are forced to pantomime singing and dancing in front of a crowd of jeering fans (and the very beautiful Chrissy Teigen). This week, the witch set her sights on Mike Tyson and Terry Crews. In the final showdown of the night, Crews gives a nod to his role in “White Chicks,” with a soulful performance of Vanessa Carlton’s 2001 piano pop classic “A Thousand Miles.” His performance had it all: a baby grand piano, rhythmic gymnastics, and impressive pectoral acrobatics:

Mike Tyson, meanwhile, couldn’t quite cut it with his rendition of Salt-N-Pepa’s classic “Push It.” Then again, when you’re lip-syncing, it helps to actually remember the words.