WATCH: These Drone Shots of New York City Will Give You Serious Vertigo

See the Empire City through Hitchcock's dolly zoom technique.

Any bird’s-eye view of New York City could induce vertigo. Overlooking the mammoth skyscrapers, hordes of pedestrians, and beelines of yellow cabs all at once is a serious assault on the senses.

So, why not up the ante?

Two Brooklyn-based videographers, Brandon Bray and Tim Sessler, captured the Empire City by dolly zoom, the technique Alfred Hitchcock employed to master his Vertigo effect. According to Hypebeast, Bray and Sessler fixed their Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm cine zoom lens and RT Motion FIZ to a drone and then let it soar over the sights of New York City.

Have you ever seen the Empire State Building upside down?

The footage will leave you feeling dizzy and on edge, even from the safety of your computer screen. For those who cannot handle it, there is always Los Angeles.

h/t Hypebeast