WATCH: This Dog’s Bark Sounds Exactly Like a Man Wailing in Existential Despair


The Internet loves videos of animals doing human things. Remember that video of a grizzly bear waving at people? (Cute.) Or that one of a French bulldog who thought he was a DJ? (Really cute.)

But what happens when an adorable animal taps into something deeper?

Recently, a couple of dog owners posted a YouTube video of their pet Shih Tzu named Cody, who has a peculiar, almost humanlike bark. When prodded, Cody unleashes a howl that sounds not so much like the yapping of a lovable puppy but more like the totality of human suffering and existential despair. 

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“Cody…” coo the Shih Tzu’s owners, as he wails like a man who has just realized the futility of life. 

This video cuts deep. But here’s an idea: Let’s forget about death’s inevitability with more videos of cute animals!