Watch Tom Hiddleston Channel Hank Williams in I Saw The Light Trailer

Loki is now the ultimate old-school country bad boy. 

Best known for playing Thor’s nemesis Loki, British actor Tom Hiddleston inhabits the dark and tortured soul of country legend Hank Williams in the first trailer for I Saw the Light.

Williams, of course, is the high-lonesome hero responsible for “Hey, Good Lookin'”, “There’s a Tear in My Beer”, “Move It On Over”, “I’m So Lonesome, I Could Cry” and a honky tonk jukebox full of other weepers and stompers.

The trailer shows Hiddleston performing on stage, swilling booze, and arguing with his wife, portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen, about his cheatin’ heart. The clip brings to mind another biopic about a country great, 2005’s Johnny Cash flick I Walk The Line, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Watch it here: