Watch Insane Trailer For ‘Hereditary,’ Which Is Being Called The Scariest Horror Movie In Years

Turn all the lights on.


Don’t watch the first full trailer for A24’s Hereditary at night. 

Seriously. The movie—which stars Toni Collette, Ann Dowd, and Gabriel Byrne—absolutely set the Sundance Film Festival on fire. Word of mouth has already reached “audience members barfing in the aisles,” Exorcist levels of hype.

The synopsis for Hereditary sounds so innocent, too:

The Graham family starts to unravel following the death of their reclusive grandmother. Even after she’s gone, the matriarch still casts a dark shadow over the family, especially her loner teenage granddaughter, Charlie, whom she always had an unusual fascination with.

As an overwhelming terror takes over their household, their peaceful existence is ripped apart, forcing their mother to explore a darker realm in order to escape the unfortunate fate they’ve inherited.

From the mind-bending first image closing in on what appears to be a perfect miniature home only to enter a very real bedroom, the trailer clues you in to the fact you’re not watching cuts from any old horror movie. 

What even is happening here. 

It only spirals from there, getting crazier by the second.

Social media reactions make it clear that the early excitement—or terror—is for real.

Let’s see what star Toni Collette thinks.

Toni Collette in Hereditary

She clearly agrees the movie is a nightmare, and she made it. 

Does Hereditary deserve all the incredible buzz? Looks like we’ll find out when it premieres on June 8.