Watch The Trailer For ‘Ice Guardians’, a Bruising New Documentary About Hockey Enforcers

It’s the brutal story of the “most misunderstood position in professional sports”.

The controversy over the role of fighting in hockey has been going on for decades now. One side believes that fighting is necessary to protect star players and sustain respect within the sport, while the other side sees it as an unnecessary risk that is antiquated and ready to be abolished. 

In his new documentary Ice Guardians, director Brett Harvey explores this misunderstood category of hockey players, analyzing the value, risk and public image of the hockey enforcer, both on the ice and in the personal lives of those brave souls whose primary job on the ice is to protect their teammates, regardless of the toll it may take on their brains and bodies. Those interviewed include former NFL enforcers such as Luke Gazdic and Scott Parker.  

Watch the riveting trailer for Ice Guardians above, which is slated for release on September 30.