Watch a Video Tour Of Creepy ‘Silence of the Lambs’ House For Sale in Pennsylvania

“It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

Orion Pictures/Video Stills

If you’ve ever watched the “It puts the lotion on its skin…” scene in Silence of the Lambs and thought, ‘you know, I’d live in that house,’ man, are you in luck. The actual four-bedroom, Queen Anne-style home in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania where Jodie Foster‘s Clarice Starling had the climactic showdown with serial killer “Buffalo Bill” (Ted Levine) is for sale.

As far as can be told from the video above, they’ve even removed the skinsuits and decomposing body in the basement bathroom.

Gruesome jokes aside, the New York Post reports the house is a pretty reasonable $298,500 and a look inside via photos on Zillow shows it’s actually a pleasant, airy-looking classic old home. 

The Post has some additional details:

The foyer has many of the original features, such as the trim and hardwood floors, pictured in the Academy Award-winning film. The dining room, where Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) was filmed confronting Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine), still has that same serial killer charm.

The basement, though dark and foreboding, does not include a hole with a well and a basket — that part was filmed at a sound stage. However, also included in the subterranean storage area is a brick-lined cold cellar, which is “actually kind of creepy,” the agents admit.

The residence sits on 1.7 acres and has an impressive, wide front porch, but it is situated by train tracks, which might not be ideal for some. 

The Zillow listing indicates there is only one bathroom but the 3-story house is a generous 2,334 square feet and less than an hour from downtown Pittsburgh. 

If the lack of an old brick-lined hole in the basement is a deal-killer, you should probably keep that to yourself.