Watch Weird Al Re-Create Every Post-Game Press Conference You’ve Ever Seen

Like a satirist, dismantling cliches for the very first time. 

Sports! They’re both great and awful. Fantastically entertaining and unbelievable stupid. The best and the worst. It’s why we love them and ridicule them.

And it’s why we’re huge fans of this video from brand-new sports humor site The Kicker, which stars the pop culture equivalent of sports, a man who is both a genius and an idiot, Weird Al Yankovic.

What a pitch perfect send-up of the most mechanical part of the any sporting event. If every post-game press conference from this point forward was canceled, no one would miss them. Not the players and coaches, who sit down determined to say nothing of substance. Not the journalists, who only include the hollow quotes out of habit. And not the fans, whose attitude toward the post-game dog and pony show is best expressed by adorable two-year-old Riley Curry.