Watch This Woman Smash Watermelons With Her Melons

We’re not sure if we should shake her hand or take her to a hospital. 

E!’s new-ish reality series “Botched” follows the lives of patients who received plastic surgeries that went horribly awry. Semi-famous celeb surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif Dish then try and fix their sad, mangled bodies with their magic doctor scalpels, and gripping television ensues. The newest episode profiles Busty Heart, whose Guinness Record-holding breasts smash soda cans and watermelons alike. Somewhat shockingly, she didn’t visit the doc duo for any work to her famous assets, but for a tummy tuck. 

But she did demonstrate her legendary abilities right there in the consult room. We’re not sure if we’re confused, aroused, or repulsed, but either way, we can’t stop staring. Catch the whole clip here.