Watch the World’s Toughest Athlete Not Care About Getting His Teeth Knocked Out

All sports that aren’t hockey: You should be ashamed of yourselves.

It takes a whole lot of toughness to be a professional athlete, but hockey players are on a whole other plane of toughness. This new level of HOLY SHITness was demonstrated when the Red Wings visited the Devils on Tuesday. While cycling around the back of the net, Daniel Alfredsson took a stick to the kisser, which dislodged a few teeth from his face. Alfredsson calmly waited for the next stoppage, skated onto the ice to collect his fallen solders one by one, and then returned to the bench, where he finished out the game without missing a shift. That’s manliness on a scale that would make Jean-Claude Van Damme blush.

We aren’t exactly sure what our reaction to forcefully losing multiple teeth would be, but it seems safe to say that it would include heaving sobs and unceasing cries of “WHY ME?!”