Watching Dumb NFL Fans Fight Is Our New Monday Morning Tradition

Is there anything stupider than fighting over football?

Have football fans always been the hyper aggressive, short-tempered goons they are today? Or has the ubiquity of smartphones just made it easier to document their idiocy? That’s a question for the academy.

We won’t try to explain the growing number of drunk guys in jerseys throwing punches on video, we’ll just revel in their existence. Because watching these clips is our new Monday morning tradition.

These fights are always entertaining and unlike most grainy videos of people punching each other, there’s no one to feel sorry for here. There are no exploited homeless men, no bullied kids, no sympathetic parties at all. Just a bunch of over-beered rageaholics obsessed with defending their favorite team’s honor.

This weeks entry, which features Buffalo Wild Wings so prominently you’ve got to wonder if it’s a viral ad, has Niners fans going at it with Steelers fans, Giants fans and maybe Bills fans.  There are cheap shots galore, kicks to the face to men on their knees and shirtless grandpas with fading tattoos. All that’s missing is some moron yelling out “WorldStar!”

Niner fans starting shit, get rocked outside B-Dubs in Downey (sore losers)Background edit:The guys getting beat up started problems inside. They wanted to beat up a Steelers. The Steelers fan walked away. The rude 49er fans started talking shit to everyone. They messed with the wrong group when they went outside and got beat up. The Guy in in red at :09 second was the one that started everything

Posted by Dave Amaro on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Here’s a fun thing to do the next time you come across one of these videos—Imagine the conversation that led to the fisticuffs. Probably something like this:

Idiot fan 1: The team of well-paid pituitary cases from my home town is the best.

Idiot fan 2: No, the team of well-paid pituitary cases from my home town is the best.

Idiot fan 1: Well, the the team of well-paid pituitary cases from my home town won the game.

Idiot fan 2: Your (sic) fat.

Commence punching.

Photos by Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images